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Punchdone™ is a revolutionary punch list tracking application for the construction
industry. Punch lists are all the activities on a job site that remain incomplete and are
often the action items resulting from a customer walk-through. Examples include things
like “scratch in cabinet door to left of range” or “carpet pulling up on basement stairway.”
Punchdone™ provides a way for the contractor/superintendent to track, communicate
and verify that these punch list items get done. The superintendent or project manager
can create individual projects and rooms or spec (specification) groups within those
projects. Under each project or spec group the superintendent or project manager
can track activities/punch list items to be completed. The activity can be described
by a text, picture or voice recording. If configured, these activities are communicated
to the relevant subcontractor or supplier who can then review the activity content and
record a response when completing an activity. Finally, the superintendent or project
manager can review which activities their subcontractor and suppliers have indicated
are complete and provide verification prior to taking them off the list.